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Resterna LLC

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Safe and revolutionary alternative to the traditional open heart surgery procedure.
Inspiring health and hope among patients undergoing open heart surgeries
About Resterna
About Resterna

Delivering ground-breaking heart surgical procedures

Resterna provides a safe alternative way to the traditional procedure of open heart surgery. Our revolutionary patent pending method is proven to lower the risk for patients and drastically reduce hospital costs.

Current Problem

Congenital heart disease (CHFD) occurs in 8 out of 1000 live births. It is expected these babies undergo at least 4-5 different operations during their lifetime, in which the re-entry via breastbone is the riskiest part.

This is done by the risky process of cutting open the breastbone (sternum). Complications such as injury to the underlying heart can be catastrophic and can lead to death.

This surgery of reopening the breastbone has remained unchanged for the last 75 years. In adults, the incidence of open-heart surgery is several times more.

Our Solution

Resterna is a safe alternative procedure to the traditional method of opening the sternum (breastbone) with an oscillating saw.

Traditionally, to know when you have gone through the chest bone entirely, doctors use their intuition determined by the loss of resistance between the bone and saw. However, our method involves no reliance on the very fine tactical feeling of a giveaway.


Meet Our Founder

Team Details

Riya Bonde

CEO & Founder

Riya Bonde is the CEO and Founder of Resterna LLC. She is the mastermind behind this revolutionary wonder in the field of cardiac surgical procedure. Her research in the medical field and passion for aiding patients led to the inception of Resterna, which she believes will change many lives.

Why Us
Why Us

Why You Should Invest In Resterna

Saves Lives
Being a safe procedure, Resterna lowers patient’s health risk.
Saves Excess Operation time
Resterna drastically reduces the surgical time for doctors and patients.
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Saves Hospital Expenses
Resterna enables quicker recovery and helps significantly save on hospital bills.
Quick Procedure With Minimum Risk
It allows for a faster and more successful procedure.
Less Risk Of Legal Action
It poses minimal risk of legal action as it is a secure alternative.
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